Nothing on Rabi.foundation website is an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy, any tokens. Rabi.foundation is publishing this website solely to receive feedback and comments from the public. Nothing in this website should be treated or read as a guarantee or promise of how Rabi.foundation business, services or the token will develop or of the utility or value of the token.
The Rabi.foundation website outlines current plans, which could change at its discretion, and the success of which will depend on many factors outside Rabi.foundation control, including market-based factors and factors within the data and cryptocurrency industries, among others. Any statements about future events are based solely on Rabi.foundation analysis of the issues described on Rabi.foundation website. That analysis may prove to be incorrect.
RABI incorporates no connection to physical gold or gold derivative instruments. RABI is not a “stablecoin” and may be volatile and/or may lose value. No recommendation is made herein as to the advisability of purchasing RABI; notwithstanding, do not purchase RABI if you cannot bear the loss of the entire purchase price.