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The Rabi Protocol is a decentralized finance ecosystem that relies on external actors to maintain its operation. Keepers provide real-time market price information, Global Settlers act as a last line of defense against attacks, and Rabi community members provide various services.

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Facilitating a seamless and efficient purchasing experience that is both environmentally conscious and trustworthy, all while minimizing transaction fees – this is the essence of Rabi’s decentralized ecosystem.


The Rabi team is dedicated to revolutionizing the financial landscape by integrating unique AI programs into a decentralized financial market. Our commitment is to enhance market stability and profitability for all users.

We think to Simplify this journey.


Rabi Bank is guided by a vision that underscores the substantial impact our institution, alongside our extensive customer base, can have on society. Our vision revolves around the aspiration for a sustainable society, embracing environmental, social, financial, and ethical considerations. We firmly believe that the symbiosis of a sustainable bank and customers dedicated to sustainability is the key to fostering a society that endures over the long term.


Rabi is genuinely excited about the emergence of a groundbreaking category of digital assets—non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. These unique tokens offer captivating features: they possess individuality, verifiable scarcity, tradability, and versatility across a spectrum of applications. Much like physical objects, NFTs grant you the liberty to explore boundless possibilities. Whether you choose to share them on a global scale, trade them on an open marketplace, or explore unconventional creative applications, NFTs seamlessly blend the tangible allure of physical goods with the inherent programmability of digital assets.


Our project represents a seamless fusion of Play-to-Earn (P2E) and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) technologies, creating a cutting-edge 3D space-themed metaverse. This pioneering initiative introduces a host of proprietary innovations to the crypto gaming landscape. In this immersive metaverse, gamers have the unique opportunity to acquire non-fungible tokens (NFTs) or cryptocurrency through their victories in gameplay. What sets this apart is that these digital assets, be they NFTs or cryptocurrency earnings, become the exclusive property of the player, adding a personalized and ownership-driven dimension to the gaming experience. This convergence of gaming and blockchain technologies opens up new horizons for players, offering a novel way to participate and benefit within the virtual universe.

The governance process ensures that the Rabi Protocol remains transparent and accountable to its users.
Overall, the Rabi token and governance process are critical components of the Rabi Protocol, ensuring its long-term success and sustainability.

Rabi token is the power of this ecosystem.

Get rewarded by buying and selling, creating transactions and staking and help make this ecosystem stronger!

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